‘Tis The Season (Sort Of)

Oct, 25, 2017 | Special Events & Celebrations

‘Tis the beginning of autumn and as we all collectively enjoy the change in weather and our pumpkin spices, it is time for the more savvy event planners out there to start thinking ahead.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it is time to reward your employees for all of their hard work this past year by throwing a company holiday extravaganza!  Luckily, here at the University of Delaware Conference Services, we have a great selection of locations and access to a wide variety of services that can really help you put together a super office holiday party.  Now, if you are thinking it’s a little early to be planning your holiday party, just remember, Target puts out their Christmas merchandise the day after Halloween so… here are some suggestions.


Lewes Venue

If you are down south, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in Lewes with our Virden Retreat Center.  In this small, semi-secluded space down by the beach, we have a lovely venue that is perfect for a holiday retreat.  When at the beach, one suggestion that is always good (if not a little obvious) is a holiday luau event.  Chase away the cold and bring back the distant memories of summer by saying aloha to brightly colored shirts, straw skirts, tiki drinks, and coconut bikini tops that are worn above a shirt (because this is still a work function after all).  If it isn’t too cold, we can bring out the space heaters and you can have a winter barbeque outside.  In addition, we provide overnight accommodations onsite in case you want to have a good time and not have to worry about anyone having to travel very far.  Hopefully, if it gets a little rowdy Steve from HR won’t have too much paperwork to do when he gets back from his vacation.


Newark Venue

Clayton Hall in Newark, Delaware is our jack-of-all-trades location. We have so many different and versatile spaces for large or small gatherings that can be catered and decorated to your heart’s content.  You could have something as simple as an ugly sweater cocktail party or something as big as a holiday casino event.  One of our personal favorites is a party with a gift exchange.  Whether you call it white elephant, dirty Santa, Yankee swap, or whatever, this version of secret Santa never fails to entertain.  Some monster, usually Steve from HR, always brings a dud gift and it is never not funny to see the look on the face of whichever co-worker ends up taking it home with them.  Work relationships are forged, broken, and forged anew through the wackiness of this gift swap game. Add in some ugly sweaters and eggnog, and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid holiday gathering.


We hope you enjoy our suggestions for your corporate holiday party this year. We dare you to come up with a better one!  We provide many of the themed services and, if we do not, we know a lot of other people who do.  We love the holiday season and hope we can help make your events as wonderful and festive as possible.