Holding Events in Non-Traditional Venues

Jan, 4, 2018 | Meeting Trends

For decades, the hotel ballroom and convention center have been the stalwarts of traditional event venues, but as time goes on and the professional culture continues to change, these locations are beginning to look like DVDs in a Blu-ray world.

Even though traditional venues are still a popular choice for events, the demand for a non-traditional, unique experiences is starting to become more attractive in the business/professional landscape.  Factors such as a shift in the traditional business paradigms, and services like Uber and Airbnb, have broadened the possibilities and the expectations for what a conference or an event can be.  Fortunately, University of Delaware’s Conference Services has been ahead of this curve for quite some time now.  We have the ability to offer many different experiences through our three unique venues stretched out across the beautiful state of Delaware.  

Even though we can easily accommodate traditional events, you can enhance your attendees’ experiences by taking advantage of our non-traditional venues and locations. Our Wilmington and Lewes venues are supplemented by a charming historic mansion and direct proximity to the Delaware beaches, respectively.  It has been proven that when people are in a pleasant, non-traditional space, they are more likely to feel more upbeat about the event, which results in more vigorous networking.  The only problems you may encounter are your attendees having too much of a pleasant time wandering around the Goodstay gardens in Wilmington or taking too much time staring at the University’s state of the art wind turbine at our Lewes campus. Trust us, it’s way cooler than it sounds!

On the Newark campus, Clayton Hall has large open spaces, two auditoriums, and additional ancillary rooms that can be used for smaller events or as breakout rooms for larger events and conferences.  Being located on the University of Delaware campus also allows for the use of historic academic venues for events.  When the weather is nice you can spread your event out and have your attendees take a stroll through our lovely Green.  And after a long day of meetings, our venues are located close to plenty of great bars and restaurants.  As mentioned above, finding transportation and lodging has become easier than it’s ever been, so whether it is Main Street Newark, downtown Wilmington, or any of the Delaware beach towns, anyone attending your event can look forward to a spectacular social experience afterward.

If you are looking for a non-traditional venue to have your next event, take advantage of our experience, and unique locations, to throw an unforgettable meeting or event.