Returning to Campus…for Business Meetings and Events

Sep, 23, 2020 | Conferencing on Campus

While we look forward to reopening, there are compelling reasons to keep UD’s Conference Services in mind when planning your 2021 meetings and events.

We’re just going to put it out there: We are out to strengthen our client relations now so that when in-person meetings and events resume, we’ll have a busy schedule.

We’ve noticed that with the obvious increase – and its relative success – of the virtual meeting platform, brick and mortar venues are being forgotten. The idea that the virtual meeting space is here to stay is growing. It is nearly a guarantee that some form of virtual meetings, events, and conferences will remain – even if it is a hybrid scenario.

So we’re here to make the case for conferencing on campus as you plan for the future.


A Certain Feeling

Here is a simple reason that is quite underrated because it can not be quantified: Have you ever noticed there is a certain feeling you get when you step back onto an academic campus? You’re youthful vibrancy bubbles up while the wisdom that comes with years of experience provides commanding confidence. You can actually feel your journey from college student to professional in a single moment. It’s a good feeling. And, it’s one worth experiencing. After all, you worked hard to get to this point. This feeling alone could invigorate guests and result in a more productive meeting.


Academic Credibility on Top of a One-Of-A-Kind Experience

It’s an obvious fact that a university campus lends credibility to any meeting or event. From its academic prestige to visionary research, a university location instantly evokes a satisfying feeling of being associated with a hub of knowledge.

Conferencing on campus can be a unique experience. Access to a plethora of resources is practically unlimited for our clients, including sports fields, theaters, bookstores, libraries, labs, classrooms, auditoriums, and dining halls – even our own full-service hotel a few steps away from the Clayton Conference Center. Walking the footpaths, meeting on the green, hosting an activity on a sports field – these are experiences unique to campus, and readily available. With these resources and more, your meeting or event can rise to a higher caliber.


Community Support

Supporting UD contributes to the overall health of the community it serves. While we are respectful of our neighboring businesses, we are also directly connected to them. Our ability to bring business to our campus reaches beyond our academic walls. Our clients take advantage of nearby attractions, restaurants, and recreation – spreading the economic benefits of hosting your meeting or event here.


A Safe, Hybrid Scenario

In the meantime, connect with our Conference Services team. Between our Virtual Meeting Coordination Services (read more about them here) and our hotel—which is open for overnight stays and dining—we can assist you in your strategy to continue business in a safe, hybrid scenario. This could be the future for a while, and we’re ready – with the tech needed to broadcast events and our own Courtyard by Marriott hotel providing dining and clean, private guestrooms.

We want to be here for you now and in the future and we hope you feel the same way.