UD Alumni and UD Conference Services: A Match Made In Heaven?

Jun, 4, 2019 | Conferencing on Campus

The academic year has come to a close at the University of Delaware and all that’s left to celebrate is the graduation of our seniors, graduate and doctoratoral students.  This is an incredibly happy time that can bring back fond memories for our alumni. Just a reminder to those of you freshly entering the alumni ranks, or to those who have been gone for a while; even though you are no longer a student of the University, it doesn’t mean that your association with us has to end.  The University of Delaware Alumni Association has extensive services and resources that are available to any past, present, and future graduates. In tandem with that, there are many ways that holding events with UD Conference Services can be very beneficial for all past Blue Hens out there.

How the blue and gold can help you.

The mission statement of the UD Alumni Association states that they are dedicated to engaging the entire alumni community by fostering a tradition of lifelong loyalty and commitment to the University. They provide exceptional value and ongoing support to alumni worldwide.  In partnership with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, they strive to fulfill their vision and mission, and to execute their strategies, programs and outreach. Both Alumni Relations and Conference Services have the same end goal; to ensure that all current and future alumni have a fulfilling, lifelong relationship with our great University.  One benefit of holding, or attending, a conference or event on campus is that with this kind of support and outreach from the University, it is a fantastic way to build on your professional and social networks. Networking will always be an important part of any individual’s professional life and it always helps to have a leg up on your potential competition.  Having events at your alma mater immediately helps you tap into a global network that you already have an association with. And, at the very least, helps you reconnect with old friends.


How you can help the blue and gold.

As stated above, one major goal of the University and the Alumni Association is to foster and grow lifelong loyalty amongst its current and former students.  Through constant support and engagement, they want our alumni to have long-lasting, positive memories of their experiences at the University that will hopefully motivate them to keep coming back.  Whether it be a reunion, a wedding, corporate event; having an event through UD Conference Services is a wonderful way to give back to your alma mater. It is a contribution that is much deeper than a simple donation as well.  By holding events with us will you not only provide the University with your patronage, but we will also provide you with an excellent experience. Not only are our locations diverse enough for multiple types of gatherings, but our staff is very experienced at executing high-quality events.

Ultimately, the goal of Conference Services is the same as the Alumni Association, to foster a lifelong connection with alumni by providing a high-quality service and experience that can cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.  And just remember, regardless of what you do or where you go, once a Blue Hen, always a Blue Hen.