Destination Virden – Where Meetings are a Shore Thing

Jun, 18, 2019 | Beach Retreats, Meeting Trends

If you are sitting at your desk feeling a little warmer under the collar than usual, it could be a sign of one of two things; summer has arrived, or you forgot to hand in those reports your boss has been asking for.  Hopefully, it’s the former and with the coming of summer, it’s time to start planning all of your fun company retreats to build your team synergy and whatnot.

In case you have forgotten, our Virden Retreat Center is located on the University of Delaware’s coastal campus in historic Lewes, Delaware.  This venue is absolutely perfect for retreat and destination events, all while offering a relaxed and isolated meeting venue with an open oceanside style and layout.  Be assured that we can accommodate all of your business needs. So, allow us to tell you about some of the amazing activities your attendees will be able to participate in while using our facilities.


Beer and Wine Tasting

For such a small state, Delaware packs a big punch when it comes to craft breweries and vineyards.  Local production is more in demand than ever, and southern Delaware has a very high concentration of the state’s total tally of craft spirits.  Local favorites such as Dogfish Head, Big Oyster, or Mispillion River are enough to appease the craft beer crowd while Nassau Valley Vineyards and Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery will be fantastic for your visitors with different tastes.


Yoga and Meditation

If exploring the local liquor scene isn’t for you, then there is always an opportunity to wind down during your free time and find a little serenity.  Being nestled in the local wetland reserve, the Virden Center has a luscious green campus interspersed with wildlife which can offer a unique and serene experience.  The beach, which is a stone’s throw away, also offers variety to your calming options.


Hiking and Kayaking

The Great Marsh Preserve is an expansive and tranquil plot of protected wetlands with vibrant wildlife that can add an opportunity for amazing bird-watching.  With extensive walking paths and waterways your visitors can enjoy a nice hike through the preserve or choose to go canoeing or kayaking. Cape Henlopen State Park also offers some beautiful hiking paths along the beach.



On that note, Cape Henlopen also has exceptional campgrounds to offer potential visitors and outdoorsmen.  It could be fun to see how everyone interacts when there is no running water. If that’s a little too real, the park also has dormitories that can replicate the old summer camp feelings of yore.  There are also accommodations on our campus if you don’t feel like straying too far.


Explore the Rich History

Lewes has the distinction of being the first town settled in the state back in 1631. Because of that, the town has gathered a rich colonial history that can still be seen today.  Lewes is home to a lively community with its main streets and surrounding suburbs littered with shops, restaurants, parks and historical venues.  There are also more historic landmarks dotted throughout lower Delaware and Sussex County.

These suggestions are just scratching the surface of all that the area surrounding the Virden Center has to offer.   There are plenty of resources you can use online to dig deeper into what’s in store for you once you’re there. These are just a few reasons to hold an event at the Virden Retreat Center this summer.